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Biopeptide Fragment 176-191 (1.8mg)

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Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs.Substance: Fragment 176-191Pack: 1 vial 1.8 mgFragment 176-191, is part of the protein peptide. Fragment 176-191, which allows the body to burn fat at abnormal ratios, prevents the presence of fat fragm..

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  • Brand: Lifetech Labs.
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Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs.

Substance: Fragment 176-191

Pack: 1 vial 1.8 mg

Fragment 176-191, is part of the protein peptide. Fragment 176-191, which allows the body to burn fat at abnormal ratios, prevents the presence of fat fragments. The breakdown of fat in the body leads to weakness. For this reason, the drug is generally used by athletes during weight loss periods. In addition, Fragment 176-191, a drug of choice for men and women who want to lose fat, is being supplemented with HGH growth hormone.


There is no information in the literature on the date of production of Fragment 176-191. Drug studies are ongoing and can not be used in any medical activity. The drug is produced illegally and is sold to sportsmen. Fragment 176-191 is used by sportsmen, especially in the sports world, who have entered the period of the definite era.


Fragment 176-191, known as a powerful fat burner that breaks down body oils, is a highly effective and powerful medicine. It is a medication that is used to destroy fat regions that have settled in the body and have existed for many years. For this reason, obesity is used to weaken the illness in people who are diagnosed. Come and buy Fragment 176-191 with cheap prices and high quality. The drug, which helps metabolism work faster, also helps strengthen bones and muscles. In particular, there are significant effects on the strengthening of bones. The medication that makes the muscles of the athletes who want their bodies to look better, has a slightly positive effect on the performance of the training. Fragment 176-191 is loved by sportsmen because it does not destroy appetite even though it is used with its fat burning feature. With this feature, medication makes it possible for athletes to gain good weight.

Side effects

Fragment 176-191; is a medication used as an injector and may cause itching, irritation and swelling in the injected areas. It can be injected from different regions in order to get the most common side effect. Due to its powerful fat-repellent properties, the drug can cause pain in many parts of the body. It can also be seen that the blood sugar in people who use drugs is low. Reduction of blood sugar during the period will bring effects such as fatigue and dizziness. In addition, Fragment 176-191 is a medication that can also cause headaches. There are also some psychological side effects due to the constantly high body temperature.

Usage and dosage

Fragment 176-191 is a locally administered drug that is effective on its own as well as on different drugs. In general, the drug to be injected into the abdominal cavity should be consumed on an empty stomach to show a high efficiency. The effect is reduced when the medicine is injected after the meal. Fragment 176-191, on the other hand, may not cause the same effects in each region of the body. This feature can lead to frustration for the users. The dosage of the drug should be divided into two. Adverse effects that may occur during the use of the recommended medication should be observed, with an average daily dose of 500-600 mg. Failure to observe carefully may cause adverse effects due to rapid loss of fat.

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