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Bitiron T3 and T4 Mix Abdi Ibrahim (12.5mcg/50mcg) 100 tabs.

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Manufacturer: Abdi IbrahimSubstance: Liothyronine Sodium, Levothyroxine SodiumPack: 100 tabs. (12.5mcg/50mcg)Steroids, which are heavily used by athletes and bodybuilders, have a widespread use throughout the world due to their pe..

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Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim

Substance: Liothyronine Sodium, Levothyroxine Sodium

Pack: 100 tabs. (12.5mcg/50mcg)

Steroids, which are heavily used by athletes and bodybuilders, have a widespread use throughout the world due to their performance enhancing properties. Often it can be a little difficult to find steroids that are usually obtained from illegal routes. The main feature of steroids that behave like it by substituting testosterone in the body is to work towards increasing muscle mass. Come to us and buy Bitiron at cheap prices. There are many people who use steroids for this purpose. Sometimes they can be used not only by athletes but also by many people who want to get stronger and feel better. However, steroids can not always be present as steroids. Certain drugs can be played with the genetics to function like steroids. At the beginning of these medicines are Bitiron, which is available in pharmacies.


The main aim of the Silk produced by Turkey's Abdi of the major drug dealers Bitiron is to use in thyroid treatment. Bitiron has the effect of helping to reduce the symptoms caused by thyroiditis. For this reason, it is known that there is too much thyroid hormone in it. Thyroid abundance helps the metabolism to work quickly in the body and, accordingly, to burn fat very quickly.


As mentioned above, Bitiron is a drug containing too much thyroid hormone. Since it is produced for advanced patients with thyroid disease, it is sold only in pharmacies and with a prescription. Discovered by athletes to burn fat, Bitiron is now offered a prescription for sale after this feature emerges. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to find free on the market. Visit us and buy T3/T4 with a delivery guarantee. If Bitiron is affected, it increases the rate of fat burning to the maximum level, which makes the athletes take more than normal, and when used with other medicines they also have a positive and rapid effect on the increase of muscle mass.

It is known that Bitiron reduces the amount of fat in the body to a great extent in about two weeks. For this reason, especially those who are engaged in bodybuilding sports as a drug that separates them from the foreground. Another effect of Bitiron is to reduce edema retention in the body. Each metabolism has a certain tendency to edema in the direction of its own habits and characteristics. However, Bitiron binds to the cells to reduce the rate of edema retention and thus opens up more space in the body to muscle mass.

Side effects

During use of Bitiron it is possible to see the side effects mentioned on the package. Bitterness, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, pain in the muscles, deep aches in the joints, tiredness, dizziness are considered to be the most fundamental side effects. The frequency or duration of these side effects may vary depending on the person.

Usage and dosage

Depending on the athlete's body mass index using Bitiron, the use of Bitiron may vary. Bitiron should never be used for more than 3 weeks. You can use it at a dose not to exceed 12.5 mg per day.

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