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10 pack Virigen (Testo caps) 300 caps 40mg

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Manufacturer: OrganonSubstance: MethyltestosteronePack: 10 pack 300 caps 40 mgThe supplements used by the athletes are steroids. Steroids are known as drugs that date back to about 50-60 years ago. These drugs, because they act li..

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Manufacturer: Organon

Substance: Methyltestosterone

Pack: 10 pack 300 caps 40 mg

The supplements used by the athletes are steroids. Steroids are known as drugs that date back to about 50-60 years ago. These drugs, because they act like testosterone hormone in the body, cause extra strength and muscle mass. In fact, steroids can also be called a kind of artificial hormone. Because of all these reasons, steroids still maintain their popularity today. However, in many countries, the sale of steroids is prohibited because they are considered to be dangerous. That's why if you need steroids, you need to take it in illegal ways. Each steroid has a different task and a function. In this article, we will especially mention Methyltestosterone, which is one of the steroids that directly affects the increase of muscle mass.


The history of this medicine actually dates back to 1930, before other steroids. Methyltestosterone, known to be the oldest steroid produced, was first introduced into the market for the purpose of treating certain diseases at the time of its first production but different versions were produced over time and these were explored and used by the athletes. Methyltestosterone can be taken as a pill or injection.


Since steroids are injected into the body in general, this steroid has an immediate effect, especially for enhancing muscle mass and reducing water retention in the body. Thus, more space is opened for muscle tissue and more than twice as many results can be obtained per training session. When used regularly, it has a great effect on the strength and increase of muscle mass. It also has features such as providing performance boosting efficiency.

Side effects

Since the drug contains a high amount of estrogen, side effects due to this hormone are often seen. In addition, sudden declines and elevations in the level of cholesterol can be found in individuals using this drug. Other side effects of the drug, which can sometimes cause constipation in men, include vomiting, dizziness, and fainting ... It is also useful to say that there are side effects that have not yet been defined. If you encounter something different than these side effects, you should definitely see a doctor.

Usage and dosage

It acts directly because it is a strong drug and is injected into the body. This means that it is necessary to consume this medicine very carefully. It is absolutely necessary to take the medicine for more than 8 weeks and not to exceed the doses of 40-50 mg. Come and buy Methyltestosterone at good prices. If you start Methyltestosterone for the first time, you can start using it at high doses, but you need to lower the dose when time passes and side effects begin to get more noticeable. By the end of the week, a daily amount of 10mg will see your job. The use of Methyltestosterone in females should be lower than in the above doses. A woman should take this medicine at doses up to 2.5 mg per day.

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