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100 amps. Ephedrine Osel 1ml

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Manufacturer: OselSubstance: Ephedrine HydrochloridePack: 100 amps. 1 ml (50mg/ml)Ephedrine is a drug with high-fat burning properties. The drug, which makes body fat burning possible by raising body temperature, also has accelera..

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Manufacturer: Osel

Substance: Ephedrine Hydrochloride

Pack: 100 amps. 1 ml (50mg/ml)

Ephedrine is a drug with high-fat burning properties. The drug, which makes body fat burning possible by raising body temperature, also has accelerating effects on metabolism. Ephedrine, which has been used for many purposes for many years, has been extensively preferred by sportsmen with the discovery of its fat burning properties. The drug that makes it possible for athletes to perform high-performance training.


Ephedrine, produced in the 1950s, has some side effects such as respiratory insufficiency, asthma, chest compression. The drug is also recommended in the United States for the treatment of appetite and hypertension. The drug has been used in the treatment of many diseases in human medicine, but its sale is legal and approved. Ephedrine, which is approved by international pharmaceutical companies, is very easy to access. Its use in the sports world has started with the discovery of the drug's high-fat burning feature. Today, medicine is preferred by many professional athletes.


Ephedrine is used by athletes for different purposes. The most common reason for the use of drugs is the high-fat burning effect. The drug, which leads to diminished fat mass, breaks down the whole fat and improves the appearance of the body. In addition, there is no loss of muscle during fat burning. Come and buy Ephedrine with great and cheap prices. Another use of medicine is to increase metabolism rate. The high metabolic rate has an effect on fat burning and positively contributes to training performance. Athletes who want to work in high weight and strength training tempers also prefer Ephedrine. Drug leads to reliable weight loss. It does not have any negative effect on minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates in the slimming process. The medicine that keeps the muscles always in a strong state also has fatigue-relieving effects.

Side effects

Ephedrine is a medicine that increases body temperature. The high body temperature affects the fat burning process positively, but the continuous heat elevation causes some negative reactions. Burning of the body while sleeping at night can be seen among the side effects of Ephedrine. The medication can cause dizziness in the limbs. Ephedrine is a drug that can lead to dizziness and headache. Between side effects, anorexia can also be seen. In high dosage applications, the drug leads to hypertension. On the other hand, athletes should be aware of the use of the medication, which can cause severe disturbances such as cardiac arrhythmia, vascular occlusion. Ephedrine can also cause some diseases due to the excessive working of thyroid hormone. In addition, blood sugar decreases have been identified among side effects of the drug.

Usage and dosage

Ephedrine is the preferred drug in fat burning cycles. The medication that allows athletes to lose weight easily is likened to Clenbuterol. Ephedrine has been found to increase its efficacy when used in combination with aspirin and caffeine. It is advisable not to use more than 75-100 mg daily. The drug should be consumed by dividing into different portions during the day. Especially when the spore is taken before it shows a very high efficiency.

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