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DNP 200mg 30 caps.

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Manufacturer: Optimum PharmaSubstance: 2.4 DinitrophenolPack: 30 caps. 200 mgSteroids come at the head of drugs taken as reinforcements by the athletes. Steroids, which we can call artificial hormones, also enter into various reac..

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Manufacturer: Optimum Pharma

Substance: 2.4 Dinitrophenol

Pack: 30 caps. 200 mg

Steroids come at the head of drugs taken as reinforcements by the athletes. Steroids, which we can call artificial hormones, also enter into various reactions with other hormones and cells in metabolism, thus making certain properties better on the body. At the beginning of these features are things that directly affect professional athletes, such as increasing performance and strength, increasing fat burning speed and reducing the rate of edema in the body. Visit us and buy DNP with fast and safe delivery. It would not be wrong to say that steroids are of great interest all over the world. However, many countries have forbidden the legal sale of steroids because of the possibility that side effects can cause huge damages. For this reason, many steroids are produced only from illegal routes and are driven to the market. We will examine DNP, one of the best known of these steroids, in this article.


Beginning to be produced in the 1930s, DNP was originally produced for easy weight loss to overweight people. It is still not produced in America. This drug has broke sales records at that time. It is such a good medicine for weight loss and fat burning that it is known worldwide. DNP is currently on the list of prohibited drugs. However, it is frequently preferred by athletes for their fat burning characteristics and is being tried to be obtained from illegal ways.


The most basic feature of DNP is that it accelerates the oil burning to an extreme level, as mentioned above. Especially for those who are dealing with bodybuilding, this medicine, which is miraculously itself, can produce results in regular use even in 1 week. Due to the fact that DNP is an anabolic steroid, the side effects are quite high but the effects are also strong. It is sold on the market as a better fat burner than Clenbuterol. The use of DNP above the dose, which functions to run hormones faster than necessary, will not increase these effects but may increase the likelihood of side effects and lead to irreversible spots.

Side effects

Like most artificial hormones, DNP has quite a side effect. The side effect of these is an excessive fever within 10-15 minutes of taking the drug. This fever is caused by the definition of the drug of the metabolism and it will come to an end in a short time. However, if it does not finish, there is definitely a benefit to see a doctor. Although DNP does not have many side effects, it still has some side effects. The most frequently encountered side effects are excessive sweating, dizziness, vomiting, sexual aversion, and periodic irregularity. In addition, tremors, depression, acne, and overdose can lead to death.

Usage and dosage

The half-life of DNP in the body is considerably shorter than in other steroids. However, since the effects are strong, a 2 or 3-week use will suffice. When using DNP, exposure to the sun directly and for very long hours should be avoided. Because DNP has sun-reactive substances.

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