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Strombafort Balkan Pharma 10mg 60 tabs. (Winstrol)

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Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: StanozololPack: 60 tabs. 10 mgWinstrol (Stanozolol); is a steroid that has a very common use to increase muscle mass and improve muscle mass. Winstrol, a synthetically produced anabolic steroi..

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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma

Substance: Stanozolol

Pack: 60 tabs. 10 mg

Winstrol (Stanozolol); is a steroid that has a very common use to increase muscle mass and improve muscle mass. Winstrol, a synthetically produced anabolic steroid, is among the most powerful fat burners. Winstrol, preferred by athletes who want to lower their body fat rates and break down fat to reveal their muscles, is quite effective when used after volume cycle. The drug was used in the treatment of some diseases in the years it was produced.


Winstrol (Stanozolol), manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories. The drug produced in 1962 is an anabolic produced from testosterone. The structural characteristics of the drug are very similar to the name Dihydrotestosterone which is produced by the US Food and Drug Administration. The use of medicines is prohibited by the Olympic Committee for athletes. Used mainly by athletes and bodybuilders, the drug is used in fat burning cycles. Its use is fairly common because it is a cheap and easily accessible drug. It is also used in the treatment of diseases such as anemia and angioedema.


Winstrol is a medicine known as a powerful fat burner. Visit us and buy Winstrol with cheap price. There are many different effects that are preferred by sportsmen in order to burn fat predominantly. Within these effects, the volume gain of the muscles takes place. The medication, which also helps the muscle to gain volume, prevents muscle loss during fat burning. Drugs that make muscles strong and durable also cause performance increases. The drug provides a great advantage to sportsmen who want to weaken after their bulk periods. It prevents the medicines from being put together as one whole and breaks up fat deposits. With this feature, it provides the appearance of body lines, does not cause negative effects on hormonal balance.

Side effects

Winstrol has significant side effects on the liver during prolonged and high dose use. Medication that can cause liver-related discomfort can lead to acne on the body. The drug that causes the elevation of the estrogen level also causes side effects such as gynecomastia, which is known as breast formation in men and fluid accumulation in the body. Come and buy Stanozolol at a great price. Known side effects of the drug include joint and muscle pain. The drug should not be used by people with chronic diseases such as heart and diabetes because it is a powerful and effective anabolic.

Usage and dosage

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is highly effective when anabolic steroids are used together in a cycle. In particular, Proviron, Boldenone and Testosterone classes of medicines can be mixed together. Winstrol (Stanozolol) should be consumed for fat burning in a volume cycle. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is as effective as it is when it is used between 12-16 weeks. The recommended daily dose is 50 mg. Advanced level athletes can increase the amount up to 75 mg.

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