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Turanabol Balkan Pharma 10mg 60 tabs.

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Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePack: 60 tabs. 10 mgSteroids, one of the indispensable reinforcements for the athletes, are being banned in many countries day by day, but their use is not dimin..

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Manufacturer: Balkan Pharma

Substance: Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Pack: 60 tabs. 10 mg

Steroids, one of the indispensable reinforcements for the athletes, are being banned in many countries day by day, but their use is not diminishing, on the contrary, increasing day by day. Steroids, which are indispensable supporters of athletes and bodybuilders, such as their performance enhancing properties and their help in making room for muscle mass, are usually produced in illegal ways and offered for sale on the market. However, despite this, we are witnessing an increasing number of steroid users every passing day. Steroids are specially manufactured and sold for specific tasks. In this article, we will mention Turinabol, a strong steroid.


Turinabol, which was started to be produced in German laboratories in 1960, was produced for the treatment of various diseases. Sharing the common destiny of many steroids, Turinabol has been redesigned as a steroid, based on the discovery of the effect of the active substance on the body of people. Visit us and buy Turinabol without any problems and complications. Turinabol, which provides extra power and performance enhancer for the user, has emerged as a medicine especially produced for men's use. Turinabol, which replaces the testosterone hormone, has been developed with the intent of helping men to accelerate hormone release.


In addition to having many functions, Turinabol is one of the most preferred steroids by the athletes because it weakens the water retention feature. Thus, it is a great weapon against the accumulation of fat and edema which prevents excessive water retention. Reducing the rate of fat and edema in the body sometimes takes months and sometimes it is a process that does not benefit the months. The topic of swearing in the body is one of the most important problems that athletes try to cope with most. Here, Turinabol emerges as a steroid developed solely to solve this problem. As long as you use Turinabol, you will be fed and your workouts will be more productive and your body will be free of fat-edema and free up muscle mass. Another effect of Turinabol is that it replaces the testosterone hormone in the body and increases the strength. It is seen after regular use that the maximum amount of weight the person can lift up to 1.5 times. Of course, this is closely related to your training calendar.

Side effects

The use of Turinabol in men and women can lead to different results. Turinabol is taken orally. Since the amount of testosterone contained is high, side effects such as acne, nerve, decreased libido, and aggressiveness can be seen in men. In women, the change of voice volume and sexual reluctance are the most common side effects. Turinabol can also cause septic virilization in women. However, these side effects may, of course, vary from person to person.

Usage and dosage

If you want to be minimally affected by the side effects mentioned above, you should use Turinabol not to exceed 10 mg per day. Turinabol to be used in a cycle; Turinabol 50 mg per day, 230 mg Parabalon per week can also be used as a 150 mg Winstrol Depot per week.

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